Corchetes de Piel

Range of use:

  • Sterile Disposable Skin Stapler is a disposable equipment which applies to skin suture during general surgical operation, Cardiothoracic Surgery, plastic surgery, neurosurgery operation, gynecologic surgery, burn surgery, emergency operation and field rescue.
  • It can be used in operating room, delivery room, emergency department, outpatient surgery, and clinics.


  • Concise and reasonable design, which is easy and convenient to operate.
  • Safe and efficient for surgery, and the needle could be withdrawn fluently and accurately.
  • Smooth and beatiful suture, small and micro healing scar.
  • There’s good compatibility with tissues, less inflammatory response.
  • It’s easy and convenient to take out the stitches, which will promote wound healing.
  • Sterile Disposable Skin Stapler reduces the patients pain and improves the operation efficiency.

Model type: M-Type, F-Type
Stapler Size/R-Type: 5.4X3.6mm, W-Type:7.0X4.0mm, H-Type:7.0X4.5mm, Pin diameter 0.6mm
Pin Modle: 15 pins, 25 pins, 35 pins.